Sneak Peek - Chapter One - A Murder Mystery…or Was It Suicide?

You’re in the right place. This is where you get on the waiting list for my soon-to-be-released book: Businesses Don’t Fail. They Commit Suicide; how to survive success and thrive in good times and bad.

I suspect you either heard me speak, were referred by a friend, or just curious and searched your way here. By providing your details below you will receive a copy of the first chapter, A Murder Mystery…or Was It Suicide?

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Larry Mandelberg

Entrepreneur – Business Coach – Speaker

“Use the eight driving forces in your business – not just to survive – but to thrive.”

 About Larry

Larry Mandelberg puts business leaders in control of their organizations future.

In his new book ‘Businesses Don’t Fail. They Commit Suicide.’ Larry shares his knowledge and acute intuition about how businesses unwittingly and unknowingly self-destruct and how to avoid it.

Mandelberg, a 5th generation entrepreneur, business coach and speaker brings 150 years of experience passed from generation to generation. His analytical skills and direct communication style have led B2B businesses to growth and profitability for over 30 years. The simple yet powerful Mandelberg Vitality Index evaluates your organization’s leading indicators of success – Purpose, Performance and People – and highlights exactly where your highest return and greatest benefits will be achieved.

Turn your workforce into a force that works.

“Larry saved me a year’s salary with his knowledge, honesty, tools, and frank comments! It was a wonderful experience.”

Fritz Durst, Board Chair
Recmalation District 108

“Larry literally created relationships where there were none…a very difficult task. Every time I turn around, Larry has something new for me. He gives you his past, present, and future.”

Christian Farland, CEA

“Larry doesn’t shape, he empowers. He has influenced our culture and direction that’s resulted in growth for us.”

Randy Gaschler, Founder & President
Innovative Education Management, Inc.

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